Business owners have a lot to consider in an effort to maximize day-to-day operations and one of the most important is recruiting. Attracting and retaining quality employees can relieve owner responsibilities, while expanding growth opportunities for the company as a whole. The idea of building a mutually beneficial workforce first is time tested, but recent trends in recruiting have thrown a curve ball to owners.

Now, in order to maximize recruiting tactics, CEOs are encouraged to utilize social media to find the best employees for their business. As a nationally recognized staffing franchise, AtWork Group understands current recruiting trends and how to properly implement social strategies in order to find the best employees for your organization. We’ve outline some ways you can maximize your recruiting strategy:Social-media-for-public-relations1

  • Create a social presence: 93 percent of recruiters either use, or plan to use, social media to support traditional tactics, which increases the importance of companies having a presence on those platforms in order to attract the attention of top-tier candidates. Having a social presence not only creates a communication channel for your business, it provides you with cost effective opportunities to convey your mission statement, type of company culture, and job openings in front of the eyes of qualified candidates. Businesses should maintain a regularly updated profile on Facebook and Twitter, as well as LinkedIn – which has been cited as one of the top ranking social recruiting platforms and is a great pre-interview tool.
  • Use social to your advantage: While LinkedIn can give you feedback on a candidates’ professional achievements, searching for them on more informal platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can reveal some about their personality and hobbies outside of work. This provides a rare look inside a candidate’s personal life, to determine if their values are in line with your company’s.
  • Don’t focus too much on social: While social recruiting is a fresh tactic, it still needs to work in conjunction with the effectiveness of more traditional methods. Referrals, internal transfers, and going after candidates directly still rank highest among recruiters, and business owners should always maximize all opportunities for effective recruiting.

In order to have an effective recruiting strategy, owners need to implement tactics from both sides of the spectrum: social and traditional. While guaranteeing no opportunity for recruitment is missed can prove time consuming, there are staffing experts, like AtWork Group, who will implement a comprehensive recruiting strategy to find the right employees your business.

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