As a business owner, you’re constantly looking for new and efficient methods of staffing, and while full-time staffing is undoubtedly vital, some instances may not require the dedicated need. For these occasions, such as increased seasonal demand, part-time IT need, intermittent design work and more, contingent workers can fulfill these needs in the most efficient manner possible.

Appealing as they may be, engaging contingent workers can be difficult. As a leading staffing franchise, AtWork Group professionals work with contingent workers daily and know how these individuals can be successfully integrated into your company’s workforce. Below you will find our top methods of engaging contingent workers:

  • Integrate them within the workforce: One of the highest ranking reasons for contingent worker turnover is social related. The more comfortable these individuals feel in the working atmosphere, the more likely they are to return for the next assignment. If these workers will be within your workspace for an extended period, it’s recommended to set them up as if they were permanent employees through orientation, office protocol and equipment i.e. computer and server access.
  • Manage tasks precisely: It seems to be common practice to let contingent workers just work with little to no management. While it may seem like this can save you time, it will inevitably end in less than optimal work and turnover. By being very specific about the tasks and putting instructions in writing, you can help your contingent works reach their highest potential. You should also stay as connected with these individuals as possible, always letting them know they can ask questions at any given moment.
  • Incentivize when necessary: If your contingent workers go above and beyond for a specific project, one surefire way to ensure they come back for another is to reward them as if they were full-time. By improving their contract or boosting their revenue, even just slightly, you can showcase the value they bring to your company, making them feel more involved and wanted.
  • Establish “next steps” discussions early and frequently: If your contingent workers have a secure timeline of work, make sure to discuss their next project early on and with some regular frequency. This will make them feel more connected to your workforce and validate the work they’re doing for your company.

Contingent workers can be a great asset to your business but ensuring their performance is on par with the rest of your workforce takes specialized tactics. AtWork Group understands the needs of these works and can help your company engage them better with various recruiting resources that are readily available.

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