Today, recruiting qualified candidates to fill job openings is one of the biggest challenges businesses face. The majority of applications that make their way to the HR desk are sourced through job boards, but these candidates tend to hold the lowest percentage of employment length. With nearly 430,000 CV’s posted on just one online job site in a single week, finding your next candidate can become difficult.

Because of the heavy influx of candidates, your marketing strategy for job openings need to be unique, robust and efficient. As a leading staffing franchise, we understand the importance of having an effective recruiting strategy. When reviewing your company’s strategy, here are some questions to ask yourself:keyboard-417090_1280

  • Is your job description clear? – While this may seem obvious, developing a clear job description should lessen the influx of resumes from unqualified candidates. Make sure you detail the skill set and requirements needed, the role of the position, the department it will be in, what benefits are offered and compensation, when it’s available.
  • Are you using social media? – Dedicated recruiters are turning to social media to find qualified candidates now more than ever. It’s been said that 94 percent of these professionals use, or plan to use social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to fill open positions. Employers who have used social media have seen a nearly 50 percent improvement in candidate quality.
  • Are you using other mediums for recruitment? – A written job description is by no means obsolete, but for many companies, especially those entrenched in heavily trafficked industries, it may take more than just a couple of paragraphs to get a job seeker’s attention. Try using newer, less traditional methods like video or animation to showcase your company to a new demographic of job seekers.
  • Are you reaching out to passive candidates? – Many successful companies have found hiring success through passive candidates i.e. those already employed. By handpicking these individuals through informal methods such as social gatherings, meetups, conferences, or even while visiting other companies, you can make a personal connection that can turn into a mutually beneficial relationship for the future.

Filling openings can be time consuming for business owners, but fortunately, there are staffing experts, like AtWork Group, who understand the best tactics needed to gain qualified candidates.

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