When it comes to hiring new employees, the process can sometimes feel exhausting and overwhelming. As a business owner, you need to know that you are staffing your office with the best workforce possible. As a leading staffing franchise, AtWork Group understands the need to hire the best candidates for your productivity and profitability.

We’ve highlighted four ways to help you find and hire the best candidates for your business:

1. Determine what skills you would like your candidates to have

Outlining the desired talent and the skill level you require for open positions, is an essential first step in finding the right talent. A staffing agency representative can help you determine exactly what you are looking for in an employee, and will help you find the perfect fit.

2. Review qualifications with care

Once candidate attributes have been determined, it is important to make sure those coincide with the resume the applicant has provided. Decide early what qualifications are non-negotiable, and which ones are desired but not required.

3. Ask Scenario Questions

Problem solving skills are essential, and giving a candidate scenario questions in their interviews allows you to determine if they have the ability to not only solve the problem, but do so in a way that is in line with your company’s core values.

4. Give your candidates a personality test

Personality tests not only inform employers of the candidate’s personality traits, but also how they will work in a team and the best ways to motivate them.

AtWork Group understands the immense pressure on business owners to find the right talent, and we are here to provide support through that process. With our broad base of applicants and various recruiting resources, we can find the candidates to fill the positions in most areas of your business while offering you the highest level of service.

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