When was the last time you did something without a computer, tablet or mobile device? We had a hard time answering that question, too. Our world’s growing dependence on information technology systems sometimes feels like it is beyond comprehension.

Since 1999, overall IT employment in the U.S. surged more than 41 percent, creating exciting opportunities for the IT staffing industry. From programmers to technicians, the demand for IT staffing is expected to grow 7 percent this year – a forecast that as a leading staffing franchise, AtWork Group is watching closely.

What jobs will employers be looking for? From the rise of “Big Data” to ever-increasing information security concerns, the following are some in-demand positions in the industry:

  • Big Data Experts – No doubt Big Data is receiving a lot of attention and employers are still trying to figure out how to create positions that harness the power of data and analytics to drive business, improve customer experience and more.
  • DevOps Experts – This is an umbrella term for experts who smooth out interaction between development and operation, which includes building and maintain cloud infrastructure and mobile apps.
  • Mobile Developers – It’s no surprise that everything mobile is in demand. Mobile application developers are expected to be in demand for some time to come as companies figure out how to access and boost sales.
  • IT Pros for Small Businesses – Small and mid-sized businesses are a growing pool of employers who seek the expertise of IT professionals. These businesses are allocating

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