Throughout the United States, temporary staffing solutions remain among the needs of employers – especially as the economy continues to rebound.

Over the next seven years, the overall employment rate is expected to grow nearly 11 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Bureau and Labor Statistics. It is projected that temporary services will grow to 6 percent in 2015  – a $115 billion industry.

Last year alone 42 percent of employers said they planned to hire temporary or contract workers. National demographic shifts are even making it attractive to hire skilled retired or semi-retired professionals to fill gaps in the work force.

Who They Are

From the stay-at-home mom who wants to dip her toes back into the professional realm to the recent college grad interested in breaking into an industry, temporary workers are highly skilled, productive and very much qualified to join companies in a variety of fields.

Benefits of Temporary Workers

As a leading national staffing franchise, we at AtWork Group understand the value for our clients in hiring temporary workers in today’s ever-evolving professional landscape. Forget the stereotypes. These workers are often specialists in their fields of choice and reflect a growing group of people who enjoy and prefer the flexibility temporary staffing offers.

Saving Time and Money
Temporary staffing solutions offer employers the ability to test out talent and gauge performance without prematurely committing to expensive benefits. Employers can determine whether they have enough work to support adding a full-time staff person and only pay the temporary staffers for the hours worked.   

At AtWork Group we understand the positive impact staying on top of industry trends has for our franchisees and their clients, and temporary staffing is no exception.

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