The new year will bring new opportunities in the staffing industry, especially as staffing placement volumes are expected to grow. According to LinkedIn’s survey of nearly 2,000 staffing leaders, talent recruitment and placement will increase as business budgets stagnate – meaning staffing firms will have to be more innovative than ever.

But in 2015, what will be the greatest staffing needs and what can staffing firms do to improve?

According to Computerworld, the IT industry will seek skilled workers in the following areas:

  • Programming/application development
  • Project management
  • Help desk/technical support
  • Security and compliance
  • Web development
  • Database administration
  • Business intelligence
  • Mobile apps and device management
  • Networking
  • Big data

Staffing industry analysts also project that in 2015 health care staffing will be a $10.9 billion market. Some of the areas expected to grow are:

  • Travel nursing
  • Locum tenens

Recruiters from firms like AtWork Group are using innovative strategies to stand out from the crowd.

Social Channels – Using cost-effective social channels will boost your staffing franchise’s brand as well as the profiles and influence of individual recruiters.

Competitive Edge – Can you articulate what makes your firm more effective? You’d be surprised how many can’t do that. Staffing agencies are investing in refining these messages to attract more clients.

Big Data – It isn’t just for the tech industry. More data is available than ever –especially through social channels – to help staffing firms learn more about their target markets. This information is used to more quickly and easily target skilled talent to fill much-needed positions.

What other staffing needs do you think we’ll see in 2015?

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