Whether you are a business owner, a human resources professional, or a hiring manager, you understand the importance of finding the right people for the right positions at the right time. Seeing the hiring process through from start to finish can seem daunting, and many organizations turn to staffing franchise, like AtWork Group, for help. But how can you know if an agency is what your business needs?

– One sure sign that you could benefit from a staffing agency is if you are spending countless hours out of your day and excess funds to recruit and hire without solid results. This often happens with businesses that do not have in-house HR professionals, leaving top management with the task of recruiting. Devoting time and resources to finding the right talent for your business is crucial, but when you come up empty-handed at the end of a day full of interviews, your time feels wasted. Staffing professionals save you from sifting through resumes by sending qualified candidates your way.

– Sometimes, it’s the nature of your business that calls for the need of a staffing agency. If your business is in an industry where fluctuating product or service demands impact the need for workers, you would benefit from an agency’s services. However, when hiring temporary workers during peak seasons, you don’t want to sacrifice quality. Staffing experts know how to recruit talented workers during hiring peaks that can fill open positions in a timely manner without sacrificing production.

– Because staffing agencies are skilled at finding top talent, you may want to recruit their services when searching for a candidate in a specialized field. For example, at AtWork Group, we specialize in fields such as healthcare, administrative, industrial, technology, management, and more. An agency with insight into specific industries knows exactly how to streamline the hiring process. Whether this position is permanent-to-hire (allowing you to test a candidate prior to a full-time offer) or only temporary, you can be sure the best talent is recruited.

Hiring a staffing agency can save you time and money, be a resource during times of fluctuating demand, and ensure you find the best talent for open positions. If you would like to know more about the services AtWork Group offers, please contact us today.

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