Feeling like the job hunting process is daunting and exhausting? Do you think you’re getting lost in a sea of applicants? The Federal Reserve’s forecasting the unemployment rate to remain steady at 6.4 percent going into 2015, so there are more job seekers, which can make it more difficult to secure a job.

As a staffing franchise, we have coached thousands of applicants through the job hunting process, and we’ve got three ways you can set yourself apart from the competition:

Customize Your Resume: Do away with the stagnant black and white resume that lists your past jobs. Add a skills section at the top of the resume detailing exactly what makes you the best fit for the position. Also, add some color so that your resume is memorable and easy to locate.

Do Your Research: Take time to research a company’s current projects or products, and come up with ideas they aren’t currently using. In your interview, use those ideas to show you not only understand the company’s mission, but that you can bring new ideas to the table as well.

Get Personal: After the interview, it’s important to send a thank you. Most candidates send an email, but you should also take the time to send a hand written thank you to every person who interviewed you. Most employers get hundreds of emails every day, but rarely a piece of handwritten mail. Taking that extra step shows that you are a candidate who will go the extra mile in your job as well.

Taking  time to make your resume stand out, conduct thorough company research, and going that extra step for the employer, can help you secure an invaluable opportunity to grow yourself as a professional.

Are you still feeling overwhelmed by the process? A staffing agency, like AtWork Group, can help you adequately prep by reviewing your resume, doing mock interviews and helping you locate the best position for your strengths. The job search doesn’t have to be painful, let a staffing agency help you make it painless.

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