It is our obligation as a staffing franchise to guarantee that all candidates are prepared for all aspects of the interview process. The passion that fuels finding the right candidates for our clients, should be channeled toward finding the ideal workplace for candidates as well.

The preparation begins before a candidate is even asked to interview. Staffing specialists should take time to carefully review a candidate’s cover letter and resume to ensure both documents align with what the company is looking for in an applicant. With just 20 percent of all applicants securing an interview according to, it’s important that the candidate stands out immediately.

Once an interview has been secured, it’s important for the staffing specialist to conduct a mock interview for adequate preparation to nail the three major components of the interview process.  These include:

Enthusiasm: The job hunting process can be draining, but it’s important the potential hire channels the same level of enthusiasm for every interview. When a potential hire conveys the only job they want is the one they are interviewing for, it makes an employer feel more comfortable about bringing them on board.

– Emphasizing Strengths and Reframing Weaknesses: One of the most common questions in an interview is “what is your greatest weakness?” and it is many times the one question that prevents a candidate from getting the job. It can also be reframed for a specific trait, where the interviewer asks “Are you an organized person?” If organization is a weakness, it’s important that a candidate uses this opportunity to reframe it into a positive. For example, they could say “I am not the most organized individual, but I am aware of that and continue to take steps to improve.” Coaching potential hires on ways to make a weakness a positive is a crucial step in preparing for an interview.

– Closing the Interview – This is the time for a potential hire to make themselves memorable. A candidate should never leave an interview without asking the employer questions. These can be as simple as “What are the next steps?” or “When will you be notifying candidates of your decision?” It’s important that the interviewee finish by thanking the interviewer and reaffirming why they are the best candidate for the job.

A staffing specialist should help candidates channel their passions in a productive and effective way, so that the potential employee can secure a dream job, which in turn solves the company’s staffing issue with top talent.

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