When employers turn to a staffing franchise like AtWork Group to find the perfect fit for an open position, they should keep in mind the things that motivate quality candidates.  When recruiting top talent, it is important to appeal to what the candidate values in a work environment.  Are they motivated by a competitive salary or good benefits? Do they have a desire to better their skills and capitalize on opportunities to promote?

Often times the most motivated potential employees are those who see the value of your company’s training program. Candidates have the ultimate say-so in the hiring process, and providing a training program that stands out could be the determining factor.

So how can you make sure your training program attracts top talent? Here are 3 ways to guarantee your company has a stand-out training program:

Be Flexible – The original training program put in place when your company was founded is probably not the best solution for employees now. You should never stop adapting and modernizing training methods. Being flexible with the training program is essential in introducing new policies and procedures, implementing improved methods for productivity, and staying on top of changes in technology.

 Be Engaging – Long gone are the days of the pen and paper training session.  Even a well-organized PowerPoint presentation is not enough for employees to truly grasp and retain the information they need to perform the job. A hands-on approach can increase candidate skill level and encourage engagement during training sessions. With technology advancements, the possibilities for an interactive training environment are endless.

 Have Goals – Your training program should have a purpose. The best way to define that purpose is to set tangible goals for the program. If you want a new training program to reduce employee turnover, give that turnover a specific percentage. If you want a new aspect of sales training to increase your monthly sales goals, assign a definitive dollar amount. Setting these tangible goals will test the effectiveness of your training program, and be a motivator to improve the program for the future.

Empowering employees to advance their skills allows them to recognize growth opportunities.  Creating a stand-out training program will attract motivated and talented candidates that will be assets to your company.

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