Like other staffing franchises, AtWork Group has been closely monitoring the rollout of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or ACA, over the last few years. For staffing agencies, implementing the new laws required some costs – but the question is, have those costs paid off?

We are now a little more than halfway through the first full year of the ACA, and the impact on the staffing industry is a little clearer. As this article in The Staffing Stream brings out, the ACA has so far proven to have a fairly positive affect on staffing. The article makes a few points about why that is:

  • Enrollment in health insurance is up, boosting the economy and hiring numbers
  • Staffing agencies have more open positions to fill, and more candidates to fill them
  • Highly skilled workers are more inclined to sign up for temporary work, because they don’t have to worry about healthcare benefits
  • Staffing agencies are experiencing higher retention rates, because workers aren’t as eager to leave for the first permanent job that becomes available.

Whether you’re a company working with a staffing franchise like AtWork Group, a highly-skilled worker interested in temporary assignments, or an entrepreneur interested in franchising, this is all good news. Taking away the concerns over health insurance allows staffing agencies, talented workers, and hiring companies to form strong, lasting relationships.

We will be eager to see how the new healthcare mandate continues to develop and to see its ongoing impact on the staffing industry.

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