sidebar-personnel-employersGenerally hired through a staffing franchise, temporary workers are usually brought in to fill a short-term need. However, there are great advantages for workers in a temporary position. Although there aren’t employment benefits like insurance and 401(k)’s, many pros far outweigh the cons.

Forbes’ article Why Temporary Work is Worth It outlines some of the key reasons temporary work is beneficial:

  • Testing the Waters: a temporary assignment allows you the chance to decide if you even like a particular area of work
  • Gets Your Foot in the Door: this allows you the chance to feel out the company, understand the inner workings, and potentially leads to a full-time hire
  • Pay: some work is always better than no work. Temporary positions don’t provide benefits, but there is compensation involved
  • Networking: allows the chance to connect with professionals in the industry or geographical location you want to work. An invaluable asset in job hunting.
  • Resume & References: keeps a period of time on your resume from being bare, also providing you the chance to utilize supervisors as references later.
  • Any Experience is Better than No Experience: it may not turn into a full-time position, or the project may have been miserable, but it’s invaluable experience you can utilize in interviews and to beef up your collateral materials.

If you’re looking for work, and can’t find a full-time position, don’t rule out temporary opportunities. The invaluable experience will boost your confidence, your resume and your bank account.

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