Roughly 10 percent of today’s workforce is made up of temporary workers – and that number is only expected to grow in the coming years, as more companies turn to staffing agencies to fill their need for skilled workers.

AtWork Group, a top U.S. multi-specialty staffing franchise, is always watching the trends in our ever-changing industry. Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) did a review in 2011, saying that by 2020, experts expect the American workforce to be made up of 15-25 percent temporary workers. That would put the U.S. market closer to that of Europe and Asia, where the staffing industry is significantly larger than it is here right now.

Three years after that study, we’re still on track to meet that mark in just six years. So why the reason for the increasing popularity in temporary staffing?

To some degree, the trend began growing out of necessity. During the recession, many companies didn’t want to make the investment into full-time employees they weren’t sure they could keep. But something else happened while companies were forced to make use of temporary workers: businesses discovered that they liked having a flexible pool of skilled workers that they could turn to when needed – and workers started realizing that they also enjoyed the flexibility, mobility, and increased freedom that came from doing temporary work.

As the staffing industry increases over the coming years, it will probably also change. SIA believes that commercial and technology staffing will stay strong, but that other sectors will start to grow, including professional services such as healthcare – including things like pharmaceutical and senior-care staffing – accounting and finance, and government staffing. Administrative staffing, on the other hand, may see a decline.

However things develop over the coming years, AtWork Group is ready to take on the challenges of an ever-changing temporary workforce – and meet the needs of companies and workers alike.

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