Uncertainty is one of the defining characteristics of the current economy. That’s why more and more companies are learning to be as flexible as they can when it comes to hiring employees.

For the temporary staffing industry, that is wonderful news. AtWork Group, a top U.S. multi-specialty staffing agency, watches staffing trends closely to see where there are needs to be met, and when companies are in need of good temporary workers, we are ready to help them fill those positions.

But whether you’re behind the scenes of a staffing franchise like AtWork Group or one of the companies who uses their staffing services, or on the front lines of looking for temporary work, there are things to be learned from the increasing demand for temporary staffing.

Today, the economy is doing better than it has in recent years, but there’s still a lot of uncertainty revolving around many companies and industries. Even if a company seems pretty stable financially, it may try to make shorter-term plans, just in case of a worst-case scenario of going under. Therefore, many businesses are opting to hire temporary and contract workers to minimize the fallout in case they do have to close.

Temporary workers are also a good option in today’s ever-changing technological society. Businesses thrive on innovation, but they can’t be sure that every innovative idea they launch will be a smash success. To protect themselves, many companies will hire temp workers to launch a new product or service – that way, if it doesn’t work out, they’re not left with the task of letting go of workers who were promised a full-time job.

More flexibility is also needed in the modern business world because hiring qualified workers is harder than ever before. Companies can spend vast amounts of money and time trying to find the right workers for each open position. Rather than invest so many valuable resources, many are instead turning to staffing agencies, where they can find a whole pool of qualified workers for each job.

For workers, too, it’s good news. With more companies relying on temporary staffers, that means there are more available opportunities. Gone are the days where temporary workers might not know from one day to the next whether they would have a job. Today, if one job ends, another is soon to follow it. And many times, temporary positions do grow into full-time positions, so workers can have confidence that they will eventually find the right fit for a long-term career.

Whatever happens in the temporary staffing industry, AtWork Group will be ready to meet the needs of companies and workers alike.

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