A staffing franchise like AtWork Group helps people find jobs in both temporary and permanent positions. Granted, many of these people are used to a somewhat transient work experience, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be impacted by a crisis at the company where they go to work.

Don’t assume that just because you hire a lot of temporary workers, that they aren’t concerned about keeping their jobs in the event of downsizing or a buyout. Many temp employees go into jobs hoping they might lead to a permanent position. Even if that’s not the case, they do hope to keep their jobs as long as possible.

People can pick up on it when their workplace is in turmoil. They might notice a lot of closed-door meetings, or see representatives from another company hanging out around the building. This can get rumors going and lead to panic and a loss of productivity. And maybe the rumors are true. Maybe you are making plans to have to lay off dozens, if not hundreds, of workers, both permanent and temporary. It’s a sad, scary dilemma, even for those in management who have to make the decision.

Still, there are ways to manage the situation and help keep employees calm. The key is communication, both with your workers and with anyone outside the organization.

Information spreads like wildfire these days, thanks to the Internet, social media, and smartphones. Almost as soon as a piece of information is spoken, it’s known by people around the world. Often, the news media gets hold of such information and runs with it, and your employees may be left waiting with bated breath to find out if they’ll get to keep their jobs.

As soon as you reasonably can, let workers, temporary and permanent alike, know what’s going on. Be honest with them; they’ll appreciate it. Don’t try to motivate them by offering extra time off or bonuses; that won’t address their panic and will make it harder for them to get their work done. Give people regular updates as you find out more about the situation. Understand that even if they don’t like what you have to tell them, they’ll appreciate that you’re not keeping them in the dark.

You may also want to consider bringing in a counselor to listen to people’s fears about losing their jobs. A career advisor can help them make plans for the possibility of having to look for new work.

Take similar steps with the media to be transparent and protect your company’s reputation. The more honest you are from the get-go, the more likely you are to avoid a scandal in the midst of restructuring at your company. Try to inform your employees before you talk to reporters, so workers don’t learn about potential layoffs on the evening news.

Most companies who use staffing services like AtWork Group are probably most likely to face a crisis like that of layoffs. However, in the event you face another crisis, such as a major mistake on your part, the same principles apply. In the event of any crisis, honesty is always the best policy. Stick to it and you’ll keep your workers happy no matter what.

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