One of the growing trends in the workforce is business and companies hiring staff to temporary positions before transitioning to permanent status.

AtWork Group, a top U.S. staffing franchise, is an expert at placing personnel in temp-to-hire jobs.

Temp-to-hire jobs are those positions where employees start out working temporary assignments that, when done well, can lead to a full-time job.

In fact, the number of temporary jobs turning into permanent ones is escalating at higher rate over the past few years, due to the fact that companies are trying to stay as agile as possible in the current economic climate. Companies and businesses of all sizes look for temporary workers, some of which will be transitioned to full-time employees. The numerous jobs filled by temporary workers include everything from manufacturing positions and administrative jobs to even teachers and doctors.

In order to land a temp-to-hire position, jobseekers need to work through an agency like AtWork Group. A staffing agency places jobseekers with a company that is looking for temporary employees, with hopes that it could end up being a longer-term relationship.

The temporary assignment is considered a trial period and gives both the company and employee an opportunity to determine if they are a good fit for each other. From the company’s standpoint, they can use the temporary assignment to evaluate the employee and see if they have the skills necessary to be brought on full-time. They can make sure that the employee fits in with the company’s culture and that they are able to work well with those around them.

For the employee, it is a chance to really show an employer what they have to offer. It is also an opportunity to make sure they feel comfortable with the new employer, the colleagues they will be working alongside and the projects they are being asked to do.

As with most things, temp-to-hire jobs have their benefits and disadvantages. For instance, those looking to get their foot in the door with a company have the opportunity to build up a resume while offering a way to network.

The obvious downside is that nothing is guaranteed and the company may truly be only looking for a temporary employee. Another pitfall is that the temporary employee is in the spotlight and must be ever vigilant that mistakes are magnified and any slip-up could be the difference between landing that full-time job or being sent back to the staffing agency.

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