We’ve been hearing for a while that the economy is on the rebound, and it would seem that recent temp hiring numbers definitely support that. released its 2013 Mid-Year Hiring Forecast in July, and found that temporary and contract hiring plans were up by 10 percent over the same time last year.

It’s not just temporary workers who have more options, either. More than 40 percent of employers surveyed said they planned to hire full-time, permanent workers, similar numbers to last year; and a quarter planned to hire part-time employees, which climbed 21 percent over 2012.

What does that mean for a staffing franchisor like AtWork Group, then? As business owners expand and add more temporary and shift workers, our business grows too, and it becomes more important than ever to find as many qualified temp workers as possible.

An article in the Minneapolis StarTribune in July also touched on the issue, as the number of temp jobs in Minnesota reached an all-time high. The article mentioned that a spike in temporary employment is a good sign for the overall economy, too. Economists view contract work as a good indication of general hiring, since as labor demand picks up, temporary staffers are usually the first ones to get the call.

That being said, a boost in temporary employment could also mean that companies need more workers, but are reluctant to hire full-timers in case of another downturn. One economist even says the recent uptick could be more indicative of concern or uncertainty over the Affordable Care Act, than an actual increase in overall hiring.

Even if that is the case, temporary employment does often lead to permanent work for many staffers. When businesses bring a qualified person on board in a temporary position, they may be more inclined to offer that worker a permanent commitment when they see qualifications displayed. And there’s no doubt that contract and temporary employment certainly gives an economic recovery the extra boost it needs.

Whatever happens, AtWork Group will be there to provide just the right staffer for any position that becomes available.

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