Do you find productivity at your company isn’t as high as you’d like it to be? If so, you’re not alone. The Bureau of National Affairs found that American companies lost more than $11 billion due to employee turnover, and they connected that directly to employee disengagement.

So the question is, how do you get employees to be more engaged in the job, and thereby more productive?

Forbes has seven practical suggestions for staffing managers to consider. AtWork Group, a nationally known staffing franchise, encourages our franchise owners to put at least a few of these ideas into practice because it can make a big difference in productivity levels.

  1. Offer economic incentives. Upper-level managers may be accustomed to bonuses. But a carefully structured, tiered reward program can help all employees find more value in their work, be committed to the company’s goals, and thus be more productive.
  2. Offer feedback. Helpful feedback encourages an employee to improve in skills and productivity. Give praise where it is deserved, but also offer constructive criticism in a thoughtful way.
  3. Show respect. Your employees are not just cogs in the wheel of your business. They are people, just like you. When you show genuine respect, it can motivate them to take those extra steps to help the company succeed.
  4. Provide plenty of training. Employees in lower management levels may benefit more from leadership training than the higher executives it’s usually reserved for. Learning how to lead early in their career will make employees much more effective managers as they rise through the ranks.
  5. Provide support. It might be technical support ensuring that equipment and software is up to date, emotional support for an employee who feels unfairly treated, or understanding for an employee struggling for work-life balance. Either way, show support when employees need it, and they’ll show more support to the company.
  6. Don’t hold back. Have your employees done a good job? Tell them so. There is very little to gain from withholding recognition, and in fact, it can be an even more powerful motivator and incentive than money or other bonuses.
  7. Have respectable leaders. Parents are told to set a good example for their children rather than taking a “do as I say, not as I do” approach. Likewise, senior management should do the same. Don’t forget your employees are always watching and will notice if you act in a way that will lose respect.

AtWork Group wants employees to feel engaged and committed to their teams. Keep in mind even a couple of these management techniques can encourage teamwork, camaraderie, and ultimately, the increased productivity you’re looking for.

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