According to a recent study conducted by the British Sociological Association, the unhappiness of being in a bad job is strongly linked to people’s decision to leave permanent work for temporary employment.

There are myriad reasons why permanent employees may be dissatisfied with their current jobs and consider temporary work instead. One of those reasons is stress. In particular, 73 percent of IT professionals recently studied in a GFI Software survey admitted they considered leaving their jobs due to stress in the workplace.

Temporary work can be a great option for permanent workers who decide they can no longer stay in their current jobs, for whatever reason. Contingent work offers job seekers a great way to continue to earn an income while still searching for that ideal permanent job – many times without a significant loss of income.

But what are the benefits workers cite when considering leaving permanent work for temporary or contract work?

1-      Temporary work lets employers and employees test-drive before they commit. Not everyone gets offered a permanent job, but this idea is attractive to those who want to be very sure before they make a decision about employment.

2-      Temporary positions usually offer way more flexibility when it comes to hours, rates of pay, vacation days, and sick days and when dealing with child care or if you are a caregiver for a relative or loved one.

3-      Temporary work helps to keep worker skills up while looking for a permanent job. Employers generally don’t like to see too many job gaps on an application, so temporary work helps to fill in blank areas on your job history when applying for a full-time permanent position.

4-    Temporary work offers a way to learn new skills and improve a worker’s desirability. In the past, temporary work may have been seen as a negative, but in today’s world workers can use temporary work to increase their skills, try a new industry and just learn something new.

According to the American Staffing Association, in the three years since the end of the recession, the U.S. staffing and recruiting industry has created more jobs than any other single industry in America. As a nationally recognized staffing franchise, AtWork Group specializes in finding and placing temporary workers in healthcare, medical, personnel and other services.


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