Human resource department staffers worldwide are feeling a little uncertain about their future as the HR landscape shifts yet again. In some firms, the HR department is an afterthought; a function of making sure benefits and paychecks are being paid on time. In others, the HR department is a critical part of the firm’s success and is a powerful force within the organization. But no matter where HR fits into your picture the one thing that’s for sure is – it’s going to change.

AtWork Group, a nationally-known staffing franchise has provided staffing for hundreds of different businesses and we work closely with HR departments of all sizes. Since we’ve been working in the staffing industry for a long time, we’d like to list what we see as the three trends you need to be aware of to remain at the top of your HR game:

1-Multi-generational workforces will be the norm.
If you have not prepared for this shift you will need to do some retooling. Workers are staying in the workforce longer and retirement is being put off not just for financial reasons but because older workers are still healthy and prefer to continue to work. There are challenges in having multiple generations working side-by-side but also benefits, if done right.

2-Hiring practices will become more and more socially-integrated.
The days of the resume being the one-and only resource for evaluating potential employees is not entirely dead, but it is becoming an outdated vehicle. Social platforms will soon replace the resume and HR departments will need to reevaluate how they recruit to find the best employees.

3-Employee well-being will become more and more important.
Happy workers are a benefit not only to your existing business, happy workers are your best cheerleaders and a huge potential marketing tool. While the economic uncertainty means fewer workers are doing a bigger share of the work, this also means they will need better reasons to stick around.

While in some cases businesses will opt out of internal HR departments by hiring specialized staffing firms with the latest technology and industry knowledge, some will continue to invest in their own internal staffing departments. We hope our observations provide you with ideas you’ll think about trying.


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