Recently, the Department of Labor announced new regulations for hiring individuals with disabilities. The rules will require that at least 7% of each federal contractor’s employee base consist of individuals with disabilities. The new standards apply only to government subcontractors with more than 50 employees, but those employers account for approximately 20% of the U.S. workforce.

While this regulation affects less than a quarter of U.S. employers, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your hiring practices as a staffing agency and think about ways you can incorporate disabled workers into your business plan for the future. There are many advantages to hiring those with disabilities including:

  • Individuals with disabilities can add diversity to your employee base
  • Many individuals with disabilities are skilled workers with a variety of capabilities
  • Expand your potential employee pool beyond your expectations
  • By hiring disabled workers you can also benefit from government incentives and tax breaks if your business qualifies
  • Disabled workers can help you incorporate social responsibility into your business plan
  • Leverage the unique abilities of a diverse employee base, and show you are committed to doing your part with your clients and customers

There are many more reasons for hiring individuals with disabilities; according to the Office of Disability Employment Policy, individuals with disabilities represent the third largest market segment in the U.S. economy. And research shows that consumers both with and without disabilities favor businesses that employ people with disabilities.

It’s a win-win opportunity to blend your hiring practices with today’s business environment, and reap the benefits of including disabled workers into your plans for a more diverse workplace. AtWork Group, a leading staffing franchise, encourages diversity in hiring. For more information and ideas for creating diversity in your staffing business visit The Employer Assistance & Resource Network’s website.

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