Having a successful staffing franchise does not happen overnight. It takes careful planning, attention to detail and teamwork across the board. As a leading staffing franchise, AtWork Group has become an expert in helping its franchisees achieve that success.

These are some guidelines to make your staffing franchise a success:

1. Build relationships with local businesses

The businesses in your area are your livelihood. These are the leads that can become sales opportunities that build your lifelong clientele. By assessing each company’s needs, your staffing agency will be able to provide the highest level of satisfaction possible.

2. Ensure your employees are adequately trained

It goes without saying that your employees should be thoroughly trained on the processes in order to effectively serve clients and job seekers at a satisfactory level. For example, AtWork Group provides training modules that include options such as on-site visits, group training and seminars, and hands-on instruction for all employees to complete before opening their doors.

3. Maintain regular communication between franchisor and franchisees

In a franchise business, the success of one location is reflected upon all other locations. By maintaining regular communication between the franchisees and franchisor, your staffing agency will have a higher rate of success. Reaching out to the franchisor and other franchisees for advice on sales and marketing best practices, tips and tricks for effective recruiting,  management training, and how to overcome particular obstacles to meet company goals, will position you to be the best in your market.

Starting your own staffing franchise does not have to be overwhelming. AtWork Group provides its franchisees with all the support they need in order to find success in the industry. For more information about franchising with AtWork Group, contact us today.

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