Do you employ any freelancer workers for your company? It was an underutilized market up until the last five years, but now it’s seeing consistent growth annually.  Today, freelance and temporary workers make up nearly 15 percent of the workforce according to a recent article in Forbes, and that number is expected to increase to 20 percent by 2020.

This change in the labor force will require a change in talent acquisition by staffing franchises, like AtWork Group, and its clients. Companies and agencies alike are starting to adapt to accommodate freelance workers, which requires adjustments to current processes to fit freelance employment strategies.

A recent blog on The Staffing Stream outlines three ways working with freelancers will impact the staffing industry and hiring processes in the future. These trends included:

  • The uptick in freelance labor will continue to climb.
  • Businesses centralized models of acquiring freelance talent to accommodate needs are maturing.
  • Organizers that use freelancers will need to be equipped with new tools and processes to handle the entire freelancer work stream.

Most staffing firms are hired to handle temporary hires, which means the hire’s entire contracting process is done through the firm.  Yet, in the past, freelancers typically went directly through the organization for a specific assignment. This variation in hiring causes inefficiencies for companies’ employment and staffing firms processes.

The increase in freelance workers will requires businesses and staffing firms to work together to develop a management process so that hiring for both freelance and temporary workers is done effectively and efficiency. According to Staffing Stream, this means an expected addition of a freelancer management system for most staffing firms, which includes a dedicated method to manage an on-demand workforce.

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