No matter how you perceive the economy today, I think those of us in staffing, recruitment and internal hiring positions can often find ourselves on the slippery slope of employing workers who are “good enough” rather than trying to find the best employee possible for the job. So, rather than the economy ruling how we recruit, I think it’s really more about needing to recruit better – in any economy.

In addition, those of us in the recruiting and staffing industries can sometimes (without realizing it) go about our jobs with blinders on. We listen to others just like us discuss the concerns in our industry when it might be a good idea to look outside our inner circle and listen to what others might have to say on the subject of recruiting.

For instance Seth Godin, a well-known blogger on social media and marketing, has an interesting take on recruiting.

In a recent blog post he said, “Plenty of recruiters and those in HR like to talk about engaging in a war for talent, but to be truthful, most of it is about finding good enough people at an acceptable rate of pay. Filling slots.”

Godin added, “More relevant and urgent, though, is that it’s not really a search for talent. It’s a search for attitude.”

Maybe he’s got a point. It might be worthwhile to think of top talent in a different way; rather than spend our time wrangling over the “best” workers, we could be seeking out employees with the best “attitudes.”  Sure, we’ll always do our due diligence in finding the best talent at the most reasonable cost, but maybe if we focus more on attitude, we could be pleasantly surprised.

As Zig Ziglar said, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

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